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My 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit

chewychewytoo's Shadowriders Photo Gallery
My 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit

Engine Specifications: ????
Engine Misc.: Stock
Fuel & Tuning: Rejetted 134/138 mains and Dynojet stage 1 needles with clips on the third notch from the top
Exhaust: Hard Krome Strippers 2.5"
Weight reduction & transfer: Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires: Home made Struts
  • Mustang Seat
  • Shaved stock two up seat
  • Switchblade Windshield (removed to change the looks)
  • Hondaline Back Rest (removed to change the looks)
  • Custom Billet Side mount with half moon tail light
  • Kury Akyn Turn Signal Mirrors, used the mirror adapter eliminator mod to install
  • Rerouted the cables behind the trees
  • Moved the Inspection Sticker/Bracket to the chain cover bolt it was under the licence plate on the tail
  • Chrome master cylinder cover
  • Mapam Forward Controls and Passenger Pegs (added extra rubber rings for comfort and looks)
  • Kuryakyn ISO Grips
  • Kuryakyn chromed Levers
  • Kuryakyn Throttle Boss/Hand Rests
  • Chrome horn cover
  • Chrome fuel shut off cover and switch
  • Chrome valve stem caps
  • 1 inch riser extensions for the stock bars/risers
  • Chrome choke knob
  • 3 inch fork extensions
  • Garage door opener by MotoFX inside the head light.
  • Rear lowered with homemade struts
  • Custom paint by Vida Loca Customs, inspired by Airbrush Addict
  • Removed the last of the stickers and reflectors
  • Installed the Hypercharger and rejetted see my site for details on that project http://www.ss750.net/hyperchargerInstall.htm
  • 4 degree timing mod
  • Blue LED's under the tank and inside the Hypercharger
  • VTX Rim mod with Metz 200/70/15, documented here: http://www.ss750.net/vtxrim.htm
  • I am also documenting all my mods here http://www.ss750.net/myss750.htm
Here is the latest pic with the shaved down stock seat:

Here is how the bike looked when I got it:

Here are some other shots of the "finished" bike for now:


IMG_1634.JPG IMG_1616.JPG HondaShadowSpiritForwardControlsL1LargeWebView.jpg HondaShadowSpiritForwardControlsR1LargeWebView.jpg 2003HondaShadowSpiritStickerAfterLargeWebView.jpg 2003HondaShadowSpiritJune2006-02LargeWebView.jpg
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Member: chewychewytoo
Created: 09-28-2006
05:42 AM
Last Modified: 08-16-2008
08:49 PM
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Author Comment Date
hondaboi on the fork extensions are they the ones from Billski? and are they the fatty fork sleeves? 09-20-2012
deathGrip your bike wants me to drop 550$ on mapams..dude, sweet wheels. 09-08-2009
chittle27 Is that a cobra headlight? 05-27-2009
chewychewytoo These updated pics are from after I laid it down (not hurt too bad) and had it custom painted by vida loca customs... 04-30-2009
YO MUDA Looks good, my south of the RED RIVER brother. 08-16-2008
chewychewytoo Updated a few of the pics, new paint and headlight after laying it down... 08-16-2008
morpheus sweet lookin ride chewy-JAMMINN 05-19-2008
Gangster Very nice scoot and good looking family 01-27-2008
chewychewytoo Thanks to Airbrush Addict for the killer flames paint job!!! 01-27-2008
chewychewytoo Thanks for the compliments folks... 01-27-2008
craigv318 I love the lights in the hypercharger 01-16-2008
jmscalf NICE bike buddy 01-12-2008
asp3132 Sweet!!!!!!!! 08-05-2007
fegs super nice paint!! 08-04-2007
derbed Now I have to sell my VH StraightShots! here dp you get extra rubber rings for the Maplams? 08-03-2007
fegs Man, those flames are KICKASS!!!!!! 07-26-2007
fegs like them pipes man! 07-06-2007
chewychewytoo Thanks asp3132, I am adding the hypercharger and Hard Kromer strippers next just waiting on the pipes to arrive 06-28-2007
asp3132 Lookin good bro! I have the 05 and it had the same paint scheme 06-22-2007
chewychewytoo Mor mods done, added Kuryakyn ISO grips with throttle boss/hand rests, and crome levers, as well as a side mount license plate among other things... 06-10-2007
chewychewytoo All right, added more mods... Mapam Forwards and Passenger Pegs, and Kuryakyn turn signal mirrors! Its getting there... 05-31-2007
chewychewytoo I did some more modding here are the latest pics the bullet points above for details. 04-23-2007
chewychewytoo I added the Billski with Nicko99 integrated Turn signals, and removed the old rear blinkers and brackets today! 10-10-2006
chewychewytoo I ordered the billski and nico light mods, shopping for a load equalizer to install the blinkers when it all comes in. 10-03-2006
chewychewytoo Adjusted the mix screws to lessen the popping on decel. And added the Honda Line back rest. Looks pretty good for the functionality it provides. 10-03-2006
chewychewytoo Well I did the Hole Saw mod to the Exhaust, it sounds pretty good, just need to tweak the carbs now when I get some more time. 09-28-2006
chewychewytoo I am adding a backrest in the next couple of days, and want to do the hole saw mod on the stock exhaust. 09-28-2006
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